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About the National Fishing Team Program

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This program is designed to bring local/regional tournament anglers, fishing guides, etc. under the Yamaha Marine Dealer's umbrella. Your purpose is to assist the dealer in marketing and promoting Yamaha Outboards in their particular region.

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Candidates are considered based upon their ability to promote Yamaha Outboards through promotional skills, years of experience and media exposure.

A sponsoring dealer must recommend an angler candidate to Yamaha Marine. Recommendations are based upon the dealer's opinion that the angler is fully qualified to assist the dealer in the promotion and marketing of Yamaha Outboards.

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Team Member Compensation

Based upon the Yamaha Marine Dealer's recommendation and Yamaha Marine's approval, the National Fishing Team Member will be eligible to purchase an outboard(s) from an authorized Yamaha Marine Dealer. The outboard(s) will carry the standard Yamaha limited warranty for pleasure use. The warranty will begin when the dealer registers the outboard to the NFT member.

The National Fishing Team Member is responsible for accessories, installation, labor, any related expenses. NFT member shall be solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any and all applicable taxes associated with the value of consideration received under the terms of this Program, including, but not limited to, applicable federal, state, and municipal income, sales and use, and property taxes. If applicable, NFT member may be required to furnish federal income tax information on signed IRS Form W-9 and if applicable, the Yamaha dealer may issue a 1099-MISC in the amount of value for consideration received by NFT member, where required under federal tax law.

If accepted, what is expected of me?


National Fishing Team Member must wear a Yamaha hat and/or jersey/shirt at all tournaments, boat shows, dealer promotions, seminars, etc.


National Fishing Team Member agrees to provide the sponsoring dealer or Yamaha Marine with a minimum of four (4) days per year of promotional activity or guiding at no charge.


National Fishing Team Member agrees to MAIL to Yamaha an update on promotional materials, events and/or general information on their area of expertise quarterly.


National Fishing Team Member agrees to abide by the Yamaha Code of Ethics.

Here's what you need:

Completed Online Application
2 letters of recommendation
Captain's license number
A photo of yourself
Additional material brochure, bio, resume, etc.